Metric Coarse Singles or Sets of Hand Taps (3 taps per set) for tapping in free cutting Steel up to 800N/mm2. The perfect form thread is generated by a combination of effective pitch diameter, major diameter and chamfer length.

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Code Description Nominal Diameter Overall Length Flute Length Material Finish Description Price
60702-06630 M33X3.5 DIN352 SERIAL SGBN M33 x 3.5 FIN 125mm 50mm HSS-E P0 Bright Finish M33X3.5 DIN352 SERIAL SGBN
60702-06830 M36X4.0 DIN352 SERIAL SGBN M36 x 4.0 FIN 150mm 56mm HSS-E P0 Bright Finish M36X4.0 DIN352 SERIAL SGBN
60702-07230 M42X4.5 DIN352 SERIAL SGBN M42 x 4.5 FIN 150mm 60mm HSS-E P0 Bright Finish M42X4.5 DIN352 SERIAL SGBN
633305-02620 3/8 UNC StFl D371 N 2B TAP 3/8 UNC StFl D371 N 2B TAP
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