Flat Rasp

Flat Rasp Files

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Code Description Overall Length Finish Price
9S4428-BSTFLT 8" BASTARD FLT RASP 20x5 8" Bastard Cut
9S4428-SECFLT 8" SECOND FLT RASP 20x5 8" Second Cut
9S4428-SMTFLT 8" SMOOTH FLT RASP 20x5 8" Smooth Cut
9S44210-BSTFLT 10" BASTARD FLT RASP 25x6.3 10" Bastard Cut
9S44210-SECFLT 10" SECOND FLT RASP 25x6.3 10" Second Cut
9S44210-SMTFLT 10" SMOOTH FLT RASP 25x6.3 10" Smooth Cut
9S44212-BSTFLT 12" BASTARD FLT RASP 30x7 12" Bastard Cut
9S44212-SECFLT 12" SECOND FLT RASP 30x7 12" Second Cut
9S44212-SMTFLT 12" SMOOTH FLT RASP 30x7 12" Smooth Cut
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