60° Straight Shank Countersinks (DIN 334)

Universal tool for deburring and countersinking. Advantages are chatter-free working and easy

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Code Description Nominal Diameter Overall Length Flute Length Material Finish Price
780116.3 6.3MM X 1.6MM 60DEG SS C'SINK 6.3mm x 1.6mm 45mm 6.3mm HSS P0 Bright Finish
780118.0 8.0MM X 2.0MM 60DEG SS C'SINK 8.0mm x 2.0mm 50mm 8mm HSS P0 Bright Finish
7801112.5 12.5x3.2mm 60° HSS SS C'SINK 3 FLUTE DIN334 12.5mm x 3.2mm 56mm 11.2mm HSS P0 Bright Finish
7801116.0 16.0x4.0mm 60° HSS SS C'SINK 3 FLUTE DIN334 16.0mm x 4.0mm 63mm 14mm HSS P0 Bright Finish
7801120.0 20.0MM X 5.0MM 60DEG SS C'SINK 20.0mm x 5.0mm 67mm 17mm HSS P0 Bright Finish
7801125.0 25.0x6.3mm 60° HSS SS C'SINK 3 FLUTE DIN334 25.0mm x 6.3mm 71mm 20mm HSS P0 Bright Finish
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