Blu-Mol Extreme Hole Saws

Cobalt M42 industrial grade steel cutting edge provides shock resistant teeth and resists tooth strippage. 4/6 positive tooth configuration allows for fast, smooth cuts and less vibration. Packaged in individual clam shells.

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Code Description Cutting Depth Nominal Diameter Material Price
E0211309 XTRM FLM 5855B 9/16"/14mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 14mm M42 Cobalt
E0211311 XTRM FLM 5856B 5/8/16mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 16mm M42 Cobalt
E0211312 XTRM FLM 5857B 11/16/17mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 17mm M42 Cobalt
E0212714 XTRM FLM 5127B 3/4/19mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 19mm M42 Cobalt
E0211342 XTRM FLM 5888B 25/32/20mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 20mm M42 Cobalt
E0211313 XTRM FLM 5858B 13/16/21mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 21mm M42 Cobalt
E0210492 XTRM FLM 5128B 7/8/22mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 22mm M42 Cobalt
E0211314 XTRM FLM 5859B 15/16/24mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 24mm M42 Cobalt
E0210642 XTRM FLM 5197B 1"/25mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 25mm M42 Cobalt
E0211315 XTRM FLM 5860B 1-1/16/27mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 27mm M42 Cobalt
E0210509 XTRM FLM 5130B 1-1/8/29mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 29mm M42 Cobalt
E0211316 XTRM FLM 5861B 1-3/16/30mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 30mm M42 Cobalt
E0210511 XTRM FLM 5131B 1-1/4/32mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 32mm M42 Cobalt
E0211317 XTRM FLM 5862B 1-5/16/33mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 33mm M42 Cobalt
E0210513 XTRM FLM 5132B 1-3/8/35mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 35mm M42 Cobalt
E0211318 XTRM FLM 5863B 1-7/16/37mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 37mm M42 Cobalt
E0210644 XTRM FLM 5198B 1-1/2/38mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 38mm M42 Cobalt
E0211319 XTRM FLM 5864B 1-9/16/40mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 40mm M42 Cobalt
E0210515 XTRM FLM 5133B 1-5/8/41mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 41mm M42 Cobalt
E0211320 XTRM FLM 5865B 1-11/16/43mm HL 1.7/8" (48mm) 43mm M42 Cobalt
E0210517 XTRM FLM 5134B 1-3/4/44mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 44mm M42 Cobalt
E0214033 XTRM FLM M5134B 45mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 45mm M42 Cobalt
E0211321 XTRM FLM 5866B 1-13/16/46mm HL 1.7/8" (48mm) 46mm M42 Cobalt
E0210519 XTRM FLM 5135B 1-7/8/48mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 48mm M42 Cobalt
E0214034 XTRM FLM M5136B 50mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 50mm M42 Cobalt
E0210521 XTRM FLM 5136B 2"/51mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 51mm M42 Cobalt
E0211322 XTRM FLM 5867B 2-1/16/52mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 52mm M42 Cobalt
E0210646 XTRM FLM 5199B 2-1/8/54mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 54mm M42 Cobalt
E0214035 XTRM FLM M5199B 55mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 55mm M42 Cobalt
E0210523 XTRM FLM 5137B 2-1/4/57mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 57mm M42 Cobalt
E0211323 XTRM FLM 5868B 2-5/16/59mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 59mm M42 Cobalt
E0210527 XTRM FLM 5139B 2-3/8/60mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 60mm M42 Cobalt
E0210525 XTRM FLM 5138B 2-1/2/64mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 64mm M42 Cobalt
E0211324 XTRM FLM 5869B 2-9/16/65mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 65mm M42 Cobalt
E0211325 XTRM FLM 5870B 2-5/8/67mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 67mm M42 Cobalt
E0212405 XTRM FLM M5149B 2-11/16/68mm H 1.7/8" (48mm) 68mm M42 Cobalt
E0211327 XTRM FLM 5871B 2-3/4/70mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 70mm M42 Cobalt
E0211328 XTRM FLM 5872B 2-7/8/73mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 73mm M42 Cobalt
E0214036 XTRM FLM M5150B 75mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 75mm M42 Cobalt
E0210560 XTRM FLM 5150B 3"/76mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 76mm M42 Cobalt
E0211329 XTRM FLM 5873B 3-1/8/79mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 79mm M42 Cobalt
E0211330 XTRM FLM 5874B 3-1/4/83mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 83mm M42 Cobalt
E0211331 XTRM FLM 5875B 3-3/8/86mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 86mm M42 Cobalt
E0210562 XTRM FLM 5151B 3-1/2/89mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 89mm M42 Cobalt
E0211332 XTRM FLM 5876B 3-5/8/92mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 92mm M42 Cobalt
E0211333 XTRM FLM 5877B 3-3/4-95mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 95mm M42 Cobalt
E0211334 XTRM FLM 5878B 3-7/8/98mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 98mm M42 Cobalt
E0214037 XTRM FLM M5152B 100mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 100mm M42 Cobalt
E0210564 XTRM FLM 5152B 4"/102mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 102mm M42 Cobalt
E0211335 XTRM FLM 5879B 4-1/8/105mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 105mm M42 Cobalt
E0211336 XTRM FLM 5880B 4-1/4/108mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 108mm M42 Cobalt
E0211337 XTRM FLM 5881B 4-3/8/111mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 111mm M42 Cobalt
E0210566 XTRM FLM 5153B 4-1/2/114mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 114mm M42 Cobalt
E0210567 XTRM FLM 5154B 5"/127mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 127mm M42 Cobalt
E0211338 XTRM FLM 5882B 4-3/4/121mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 121mm M42 Cobalt
E0210568 XTRM FLM 5155B 5-1/2/140mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 140mm M42 Cobalt
E0211339 XTRM FLM 5883B 5-3/4/146mm HLS 1.7/8" (48mm) 146mm M42 Cobalt
E0210569 XTRM FLM 5156B 6"/152mm HLSW 1.7/8" (48mm) 152mm M42 Cobalt
E0212166 XTRM FLM D9592 PLUMBERS KIT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0212167 XTRM FLM D9593 ELECTRICIAN KIT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0212168 XTRM FLM D9593M MTRC ELCTRC KT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0212169 XTRM FLM D9595 HANDYMAN KIT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0212170 XTRM FLM D9596 JOURNEYMANS KIT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0212171 XTRM FLM D9599 INDUSTRIAL KIT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
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