Blu-Mol Hole Saws

M42 cobalt bi-metal cutting edge provides shock resistant teeth and resists tooth strippage. 4/6 positive tooth configuration allows for fast, smooth cuts and less vibration. Packaged in individual boxes.

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Code Description Cutting Depth Nominal Diameter Material Price
E0102399 #509 BLML BM HS, 9/16" (14mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 14mm M42 Cobalt
E0102400 #510 BLML BM HS, 5/8" (16mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 16mm M42 Cobalt
E0102401 #511 BLML BM HS, 11/16" (17mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 17mm M42 Cobalt
E0102402 #512 BLML BM HS, 3/4" (19mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 19mm M42 Cobalt
E0102403 M513 BLML BM HS, 20mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 20mm M42 Cobalt
E0102404 #513 BLML BM HS, 13/16" (21mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 21mm M42 Cobalt
E0102405 #514 BLML BM HS, 7/8" (22mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 22mm M42 Cobalt
E0102406 #515 BLML BM HS, 15/16" (24mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 24mm M42 Cobalt
E0102407 #516 BLML BM HS, 1" (25mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 25mm M42 Cobalt
E0102408 #517 BLML BM HS, 1-1/16"(27mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 27mm M42 Cobalt
E0102409 #518 BLML BM HS, 1-1/8" (29mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 29mm M42 Cobalt
E0102410 #519 BLML BM HS, 1-3/16"(30mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 30mm M42 Cobalt
E0102411 #520 BLML BM HS, 1-1/4" (32mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 32mm M42 Cobalt
E0102412 #521 BLML BM HS, 1-5/16"(33mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 33mm M42 Cobalt
E0102413 #522 BLML BM HS, 1-3/8" (35mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 35mm M42 Cobalt
E0102414 #523 BLML BM HS, 1-7/16"(37mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 37mm M42 Cobalt
E0102415 #524 BLML BM HS, 1-1/2" (38mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 38mm M42 Cobalt
E0102416 #525 BLML BM HS, 1-9/16"(40mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 40mm M42 Cobalt
E0102417 #526 BLML BM HS, 1-5/8" (41mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 41mm M42 Cobalt
E0102418 #527 BLML BM HS,1-11/16"(43mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 43mm M42 Cobalt
E0102419 #528 BLML BM HS, 1-3/4" (44mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 44mm M42 Cobalt
E0102420 M528 BLML BM HS, 45mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 45mm M42 Cobalt
E0102421 #529 BLML BM HS,1-13/16"(46mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 46mm M42 Cobalt
E0102422 #530 BLML BM HS, 1-7/8" (48mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 48mm M42 Cobalt
E0102423 M532 BLML BM HS, 50mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 50mm M42 Cobalt
E0102424 #532 BLML BM HS, 2" (51mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 51mm M42 Cobalt
E0102425 #533 BLML BM HS, 2-1/16"(52mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 52mm M42 Cobalt
E0102426 #534 BLML BM HS, 2-1/8" (54mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 54mm M42 Cobalt
E0102427 M534 BLML BM HS, 55mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 55mm M42 Cobalt
E0102428 #536 BLML BM HS, 2-1/4" (57mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 57mm M42 Cobalt
E0102429 #537 BLML BM HS, 2-5/16"(59mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 59mm M42 Cobalt
E0102430 #538 BLML BM HS, 2-3/8" (60mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 60mm M42 Cobalt
E0102431 #540 BLML BM HS, 2-1/2" (64mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 64mm M42 Cobalt
E0102432 #541 BLML BM HS, 2-9/16"(65mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 65mm M42 Cobalt
E0102433 #542 BLML BM HS, 2-5/8" (67mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 67mm M42 Cobalt
E0102434 M542 BLML BM HS, 68mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 68mm M42 Cobalt
E0102435 #544 BLML BM HS, 2-3/4" (70mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 70mm M42 Cobalt
E0102436 #546 BLML BM HS, 2-7/8" (73mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 73mm M42 Cobalt
E0102437 M548 BLML BM HS, 75mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 75mm M42 Cobalt
E0102438 #548 BLML BM HS, 3" (76mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 76mm M42 Cobalt
E0102439 #550 BLML BM HS, 3-1/8" (79mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 79mm M42 Cobalt
E0102440 #552 BLML BM HS, 3-1/4" (83mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 83mm M42 Cobalt
E0102441 #554 BLML BM HS, 3-3/8" (86mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 86mm M42 Cobalt
E0102442 #556 BLML BM HS, 3-1/2" (89mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 89mm M42 Cobalt
E0102443 #558 BLML BM HS, 3-5/8" (92mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 92mm M42 Cobalt
E0102444 #560 BLML BM HS, 3-3/4" (95mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 95mm M42 Cobalt
E0102445 #562 BLML BM HS, 3-7/8" (98mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 98mm M42 Cobalt
E0102446 M564 BLML BM HS, 100mm 1.7/8" (48mm) 100mm M42 Cobalt
E0102447 #564 BLML BM HS, 4" (102mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 102mm M42 Cobalt
E0102448 #566 BLML BM HS, 4-1/8"(105mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 105mm M42 Cobalt
E0102449 #568 BLML BM HS, 4-1/4"(108mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 108mm M42 Cobalt
E0102450 #570 BLML BM HS, 4-3/8"(111mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 111mm M42 Cobalt
E0102451 #572 BLML BM HS, 4-1/2"(114mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 114mm M42 Cobalt
E0102452 #576 BLML BM HS, 4-3/4"(121mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 121mm M42 Cobalt
E0102453 #580 BLML BM HS, 5" (127mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 127mm M42 Cobalt
E0102454 #588 BLML BM HS, 5-1/2"(140mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 140mm M42 Cobalt
E0102455 #592 BLML BM HS, 5-3/4"(146mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 146mm M42 Cobalt
E0102456 #596 BLML BM HS, 6" (152mm) 1.7/8" (48mm) 152mm M42 Cobalt
E0103111 9595 BLML 7pc BM HS HNDYMAN ST 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0103113 9592 BLML 9pc BM HS PLUMBER KT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0103114 9593 BLML 9pc BM HS ELCTRCN ST 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0103115 9593M BLML 9pc HS ELCTRCN-M ST 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0103116 9596 BLML 13pc BM HS JRNYMN ST 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
E0103117 9599 BLML 20pc BM HS INDL KIT 1.7/8" (48mm) M42 Cobalt
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