Screw Extractors

Used expressly for removing broken or seized screws. They are left-handed, for use on right-handed threads. The screw is first drilled out to the proper diameter for that extractor. The extractor is then inserted into this hole and turned counter-clockwise using a tap wrench. As the extractor is turned the flutes on the tool dig into the screw, causing it to lock tightly and apply sufficient torque to remove the screw.

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Code Description Nominal Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Finish Price
090101 NO 1 SCREW EXTRACTOR No1 12mm 48mm Grey Finish
090102 NO 2 SCREW EXTRACTOR No2 18mm 59mm Grey Finish
090103 NO 3 SCREW EXTRACTOR No3 24mm 65mm Grey Finish
090104 NO 4 SCREW EXTRACTOR No4 33mm 76mm Grey Finish
090105 NO 5 SCREW EXTRACTOR No5 36mm 81mm Grey Finish
090106 NO 6 SCREW EXTRACTOR No6 43mm 94mm Grey Finish
090107 NO 7 SCREW EXTRACTOR No7 46mm 100mm Grey Finish
090108 NO 8 SCREW EXTRACTOR No8 56mm 111mm Grey Finish
090109 NO 9 SCREW EXTRACTOR No9 56mm 117mm Grey Finish
0901010 NO 10 SCREW EXTRACTOR No10 65mm 128mm Grey Finish
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