PZ Bits

High quality professional bits for industrial, Construction and DIY applications. Made from S2 Grade Steel.

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Code Description Nominal Diameter Overall Length Finish Price
9S982PZ025 PZ0 X 25MM BITPRO PZ0 25mm -
9S982PZ125 PZ1 X 25MM BITPRO PZ1 25mm -
9S982PZ125FLEX PZ1 X 25MM BITPRO-FLEX TiN PZ1 25mm TiN Coated
9S982PZ150 PZ1 X 50MM BITPRO PZ1 50mm -
9S982PZ170 PZ1 X 70MM BITPRO PZ1 70mm -
9S982PZ190 PZ1 X 90MM BITPRO PZ1 90mm -
9S982PZ1110 PZ1 X 110MM BITPRO PZ1 110mm -
9S982PZ1125 PZ1 X 125MM BITPRO PZ1 125mm -
9S982PZ1150 PZ1 X 150MM BITPRO PZ1 150mm -
9S982PZ225 PZ2 X 25MM BITPRO PZ2 25mm -
9S982PZ225FLEX PZ2 X 25MM BITPRO-FLEX TiN PZ2 25mm TiN Coated
9S982PZ250 PZ2 X 50MM BITPRO PZ2 50mm -
9S982PZ270 PZ2 X 70MM BITPRO PZ2 70mm -
9S982PZ290 PZ2 X 90MM BITPRO PZ2 90mm -
9S982PZ2110 PZ2 X 110MM BITPRO PZ2 110mm -
9S982PZ2125 PZ2 X 125MM BITPRO PZ2 125mm -
9S982PZ2150 PZ2 X 150MM BITPRO PZ2 150mm -
9S982PZ325 PZ3 X 25MM BITPRO PZ3 25mm -
9S982PZ325FLEX PZ3 X 25MM BITPRO-FLEX TiN PZ3 25mm TiN Coated
9S982PZ350 PZ3 X 50MM BITPRO PZ3 50mm -
9S982PZ425 PZ4 X 25MM BITPRO PZ4 25mm -
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